Florence Project Unequivocally Condemns President Biden’s Remarks Supporting a New Expulsion Policy

Late last week, President Joe Biden issued a statement expressing his support for draconian policies to “secure the border,” including a new expulsion policy that would allow the complete shut-down of asylum processing at the border. In response, Florence Project Legal Director issued the following statement:  

“The Florence Project is outraged by President Biden’s embrace of extreme restrictions on asylum, especially his support of a new expulsion authority that, while cloaked in the language of ‘reform,’ will do nothing to fix this system. It will instead create more uncertainty, instability, and immense human suffering at our border. Not only is such a policy inhumane, but it is a betrayal of Biden’s promise to restore humanity to our immigration system and a betrayal to our values as a nation. Claims that this policy is needed to ‘secure the border’ reflect the false and offensive premise that migrants pose a danger to the border region and the United States. Moreover, the truth is that this policy will do nothing to make the border safer, but instead will create the very conditions of confusion and instability in which cartels and transnational criminal organizations thrive. 

“We know that we face significant challenges at the U.S.-Mexico border, but we also know that migrants make our communities stronger. The challenges we face at the border have nothing to do with security, but are rooted in our own misguided priorities, broken systems, and lack of political will to offer solutions and meaningful investment in providing a fair, safe, and efficient process at the border that centers the inherent dignity and humanity of all migrants.  

“It is distressing that the President has brazenly supported a proposal that will both put people seeking protection in the United States in grave danger and do nothing to solve the very real challenges that we face at the border. Instead, an expulsion policy and the other proposals being considered will inevitably cause more suffering, confusion, and injustice at the border and in immigrant communities throughout the U.S. If this bill is signed into law, President Biden’s legacy on immigration will be cemented – as the President who oversaw, and encouraged, the destruction of our asylum system.”