Immigrants in Arizona face barriers and injustices from inhumane and unjust policies and practices such as:

  • Separation of children from their parents at the border
  • Detention of pregnant women
  • Detention and deportation of lawful permanent residents and community members as a result of minor criminal convictions
  • Transfer of youth to adult detention immediately upon their 18th birthdays

Through legal advocacy, outreach, and litigation, the Florence Project successfully advocates for a more just and humane system.

The Florence Project advocates for change by:

  • Coordinating appellate strategies for complex legal issues arising on appeal
  • Spearheading outreach to encourage consistent litigation strategies before federal appellate courts to challenge unjust laws
  • Collaborating with private practitioners and pro bono attorneys
  • Building strong partnerships with local and national partners, including national advocacy organizations

Advocacy successes include:

  • Working to end separation of children from their parents at the border
  • Calling for an end to detention of pregnant women
  • Successfully ending shackling minors in immigration court
  • Working to end detention and deportation of immigrants as a result of minor crimes
  • Working to improve treatment and conditions in detention

“In case you haven’t noticed, immigration is an issue that has received a whole lot of attention in the press recently. Even before a bright spotlight hit the topic, however, since 1989, there have been a group of amazing lawyers at the Florence Immigration and Refugee Rights Project working hard to make sure that children and adults in Arizona’s immigration system were treated fairly. No small task.”

Judge Christopher T. Whitten, Program Director, National Institute for Trial Advocacy