Integrated Social Services

Immigrants detained in Arizona include:

Their needs go far beyond legal representation. That’s why the Florence Project has legal and social services staff working together in a holistic model.

The Florence Project provides holistic services, giving our clients the tools they need to pursue their immigration cases while also addressing their psychosocial needs. Our social workers help our clients heal from past trauma and navigate the complicated realities of adapting to life in this country. Through ongoing case management, together with our clients the team responds to particularly challenging circumstances such as serious mental health conditions, medical needs, shelter and food insecurity, domestic violence, suicidal ideation, pregnancy, parenting, and family separation.

While attorneys work on the legal aspects of a client’s case, Florence Project social workers provide:

Our clients are:

Many immigrants cannot be released from detention without proving that they have a release plan and community support.

Florence Project social workers connect clients with:

Florence Project social workers advocate for the release of unaccompanied children on their 18th birthdays instead of being incarcerated in adult detention while they fight their immigration case.

Our Integrated Social Services Program:

The Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project is proud to be the recipient of a generous gift from the Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters, commonly known as the Victory Noll Sisters, to strengthen the Florence Project’s Integrated Social Services Program and Border Action Team.   

Established in 1922, the Victory Noll Sisters have been dedicated to fostering justice, standing in solidarity with marginalized people living in poverty and oppression, and promoting the development of leaders. The Sisters have made this legacy donation to the Florence Project as an organization that has similar values that resonate with the Victory Noll Sisters’ mission and that also serves in Arizona, one of the states where the Sisters have served.

Read full announcement here.  

Thank you, Victory Noll Sisters, for the generous gift!  

To learn more about the Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters, visit their website or watch their Centennial video.