Immigrants detained in Arizona include:

  • Survivors of torture
  • Domestic violence survivors
  • Parents at risk of losing custody of their children
  • People with medical and mental health issues
  • Children who are abused, neglected, and abandoned

 Their needs go far beyond legal representation. That’s why the Florence Project has legal and social services staff working together in a holistic model.

While attorneys work on the legal aspects of a client’s case, Florence Project social workers provide:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Case management
  • Navigation of complex systems
  • Connections to local service providers for clients who are released from detention
  • Workshops for clients and staff on issues such as trauma, health, and education

Many immigrants cannot be released from detention without proving that they have a release plan and community support. Florence Project social workers connect clients with:

  • Medical or psychological care
  • Housing resources
  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Education

Florence Project social workers advocate for the release of unaccompanied children on their 18th birthdays instead of being incarcerated in adult detention while they fight their immigration case.

The Florence Project is an innovator in the field of legal and social services for detained immigrants.

  • We were the first legal organization of our kind to have a social worker on staff.
  • Legal staff and social workers collaborate to offer supportive social services and advocate for people’s release from detention
  • Ten years’ experience in this nationally innovative model