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These resources are designed to assist pro bono attorneys when representing detainees in immigration proceedings.

See also many of the resources found in the Pro Se and Criminal Defense Attorney pages in this resources section.

Note: These publications are meant to provide useful basic information about immigration law, detention, and removal in Arizona and were created in the course of the Florence Project’s work. Under no circumstances do they constitute legal advice.

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This chart was updated in 2016 by Florence Project Pro Bono Managing Attorney Katharine Ruhl, with assistance from Tracy Abastillas, Kara Hartzler, Michael Neufeld, Florence Project Legal Director Laura St. John, and Margarita Silva. The 2016 update was made possible with the support of the Arizona Public Defender Association, Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice, and the generous private donations of AILA members.

The Chart began with the impressive efforts of Ryan Moore, now with the Federal Defender’s Office of Arizona, when he was a law student at the University of Arizona. Since that time Katherine Brady and Angie Junck of the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (San Francisco); Holly Cooper of the Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project (Florence Project), now teaching at the University of California Davis School of Law (Davis, CA); and Beth Houck of Maricopa County Office of the Public Defender (Phoenix) have been the primary authors. In 2008, 2010, and 2012, Kara Hartzler of the Arizona Defending Immigrants Partnership revised and expanded the Chart.

Copyright 2016 Immigrant Legal Resource Center and Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project.

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