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Beto and Josue

When Beto and Josue fled Latin America to seek safety in the U.S., they imagined a life free of persecution for their sexual orientation. They imagined being able to live together and start a family. They imagined a big, joyful wedding. Instead, they found themselves incarcerated in a detention facility [...]


One day, when Betsaida was in detention, the other women crowned her queen. “They put a sash on me and a paper crown. Because I was always laughing,” she said. “In spite of all I had suffered, I was always laughing.” Indeed, Betsaida is a legend around the Florence Project [...]


In a coffee shop just north of the U.S.-Mexico border, Nadia, a new Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR), a recent high school graduate, and an aspiring midwife, shares her own birth story. “My mom was here [in the United States] when her water broke, and she literally crossed the border back [...]


When Sergio was in immigration detention, he feared he would never see his wife and daughter again. Sergio had a childhood rife with traumatic experiences in Central America. As a baby, Sergio’s mother abandoned him and his father committed suicide. Throughout his childhood, he endured constant physical abuse at the [...]


“Even I couldn’t believe it when the judge told me I’d won,” Gabriela tells me over the phone. Gabriela is calling from San Francisco, where she lives and works now that she has won her immigration case. Gabriela is tired—she just got home from her job at a taco shop—but [...]


As a lesbian growing up in the mountains of El Salvador, Imelda faced constant discrimination and violence. She was bullied for dressing in boy’s clothes and survived physical violence and beatings from multiple men. When she was 19, Imelda was violently raped by a gang leader. Years later, the gang [...]


At the age of 14, Elbia was first approached by a 15 year old boy who asked her to be his girlfriend. When she refused, he pressured her relentlessly. Two years later, Elbia was living with him, was raped repeatedly, and found herself trapped in an abusive relationship. Elbia became [...]


Cecilio grew up in San Sebastián, Guatemala. Throughout his childhood, he endured constant physical and psychological abuse at the hands of his father. His father’s alcoholism kept the family in a perpetual state of instability. Every time his father got a paycheck, he immediately spent it on alcohol and disappeared [...]


Ximena was violently assaulted and raped in Mexico by cartel members. When she reported the incident to the local Mexican police, she became the target of one of the most violent cartels in Mexico. “The police told me that I would regret having filed the report and that I would [...]


Alfonso, like many Florence Project clients, was separated from his mother by thousands of miles, multiple borders, and many years. When Alfonso came to the U.S., he had no idea what the asylum process would entail. The only thing he knew was that he had not seen his mother in [...]