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Every weekday at 5:30 a.m., *Silvestre takes a bus to a construction site and moves earth in a land he longs to call home. The 18-year-old works with an uncle doing ground excavation for new housing developments in Tucson, Arizona. After work, he commutes back home to take online classes [...]


Mary (right) and her children A Ugandan asylum seeker named Mary appeared for her final immigration court hearing with her attorney, Lauren Kostes from the Florence Project, standing by her side. “I was really scared. So so so scared. So worried,” Mary says. “I was thinking they may [...]

Chaos & Separation: Yarlenis & Yosbel’s Story

Yarlenis and Yosbel When Yarlenis and Yosbel left Cuba in 2019, they had no idea what they would encounter as they tried to seek safety in the United States: a closed border, a global pandemic, a high-risk pregnancy, and ultimately, an agonizing separation from one another because of [...]


A Child Incarcerated with Adults: Isaac’s Story Authorities in Eritrea imprisoned Isaac’s father and burned down his family’s home. He never saw his father again. Nearly everything Isaac owned was destroyed in that fire, including his birth certificate and other documents that showed proof of age. Isaac and his mother [...]

Jade and Arien

  At a small dance studio in central Phoenix, a Cuban immigrant named Jade is achieving her dream to perform ballet as her true self. In Cuban dance companies, Jade could only get male roles, though she is a trans woman. Now Jade’s husband, Arien, sits with the couple’s pro-bono [...]


One day, a tiny bird flew through a window at Eloy Detention Center, and when Patricia saw it, she wished they could trade places. The 24-year-old Nicaraguan student wanted to fly over the detention center's barbed wire fencing and glide through the Arizona desert. But to be as free as [...]

Video: Amani Reunited With His Family

  Our client Amani was released from La Palma Detention Center and reunited with his family in Phoenix after being detained for over a year! Amani struggled in detention, where neither guards nor nurses spoke his native Kirundi or Swahili. In April, he contracted COVID-19—as more than 100 [...]


One night last year, three masked men arrived at Jorge’s home in Venezuela, seized him, and threw him in a make-shift cell with six other political prisoners.  The cell had no electricity, no running water, and no facilities. Jorge was starved, beaten, and psychologically abused. Five days into his detention, [...]


Before 2018, Wilfredo was never interested in politics. He sold produce in León, Nicaragua, and on evenings his home was a gathering place for neighbors to relax, joke and gossip. But when the government announced plans to cut pensions and increase taxes, thousands of Nicaraguans organized marches to oppose the [...]


While people around the world ushered in the New Year with fireworks and champagne toasts, Carlos spent December 31, his 18th birthday, in a cell in a remote detention center in Arizona.   Carlos came to the United States seeking safety after being trafficked and suffering tremendous trauma in [...]

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