Florence Project Condemns the Passage of HCR 2060

The Florence Project is devastated by the passage of HCR 2060 out of the Arizona State Legislature. If it becomes law, HCR 2060 would criminalize migration, empower state law enforcement to engage in racial profiling, and allow people to be arrested, prosecuted, and deported without ever seeing an immigration judge, harkening directly back to the SB 1070 era in Arizona. Now that it has passed out of the legislature, this proposal will bypass Governor Katie Hobbs’ desk and be put on the November ballot as a referendum, a blatant maneuver to circumvent the Governor’s authority to veto legislation, as she already vetoed similar legislation earlier this year. 

In response, Legal Director Laura St. John said: “This is a disgraceful day in Arizona’s history. This legislation will target and terrorize our immigrant communities, separate families, and further punish asylum seekers. If it becomes law, immigrants in Arizona will once again live under daily terror that they could be detained or deported at any moment.  

“Furthermore, this is clearly and blatantly in violation of federal law, as it contains many similar provisions to those that the Supreme Court struck down in SB 1070, and it is not appropriate to send such a proposal to the voters. Drawing on multiple components of both criminal and immigration law, it is far too complex to be distilled into a ballot measure. Just putting this harmful proposition on the ballot will be extremely costly to Arizona, triggering a negative blowback against Arizona businesses and the reputation of our state. Simply put, it is bad for migrants, bad for our communities, and bad for Arizona.” 

HCR 2060 is not a solution to the very real challenges we face at our southern border. The Florence Project continues to advocate for productive and humane options including investing in long-term funding for shelter and humanitarian reception sites and legal representation for all people who are navigating an immigration case.