Help keep families together for the holidays

We need your help keeping families together this holiday season.

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Your support can mean reuniting a family. Won’t you please donate today?

As we write this, we are preparing for Thanksgiving with our own families. We cannot help but think of our clients, separated from their families for the holidays.

We think of Jose, the father of a U.S. citizen teenage daughter, who was not able to spend the holidays with her last year.

Jose had been in the United States for almost 20 years and has a teenage daughter that is an American citizen. He spent over a year in immigration detention, fighting his immigration case so that he can stay in the U.S. with his family.

As happens with many Florence Project clients, Jose was separated from his family while he was in immigration detention. His daughter was left with no one else to care for her, and she eventually ended up homeless on the streets. Jose was absolutely distraught, knowing that his daughter needed him. He vowed to win his case and be with his daughter.

Because immigration detention is isolating, Jose had trouble contacting family who could help him with his case. Florence Project attorneys were able to help Jose get in touch with his family, and assist him with his case preparation.

Thankfully, Florence Project attorneys were able to help Jose win legal status. Jose was released from detention, and with the help of his family, he was reunited with his daughter. Thank you for making this possible with your support.

This is a critical time, and our clients need your assistance. We also think of clients like Roberto:

Roberto is a 9-year-old child from Mexico. He was abandoned by his mother and father when he was a newborn.  Roberto lived with his grandmother until she, too, abandoned him, planning to leave him in an orphanage.

An aunt in the United States knew of a couple that would take guardianship of Roberto, and he made the dangerous journey north.

Even a 9-year-old child is supposed to represent himself in immigration court since there is no government provided counsel. Thankfully, a Florence Project attorney was able to represent Roberto in court. It deeply affects our staff to see how our clients can be so young, and have survived so much trauma. We are grateful to be able to assist them.

Roberto now has legal status, a “forever home,” and a stable future. Your support made this happen.

As the holidays approach and our thoughts turn to family, thank you for remembering parents like Jose and children like Roberto.

Thank you for any contribution you can make.