Statement on the Trump Administration’s Renewed Effort to Decimate DACA

On July 28th, the Trump administration announced that it will conduct a “comprehensive review” of the legality of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). This review will occur over the next 100 days and during that time the administration will reject all pending and new DACA applications; shorten the period of deferred action renewals to one year, instead of two; and, absent exceptional circumstances, reject all pending and new applications for advance parole, a system by which DACA recipients may re-enter the United States after temporarily traveling abroad.

This renewed effort to decimate DACA is yet another example of the administration’s determination to implement its racist immigration agenda at all costs. These changes immediately throw hundreds of thousands of young people into massive uncertainty about their futures and close off an important protection to many more young migrants.

DACA recipients are our colleagues, friends, and neighbors. They are integral members of our community and of the Florence Project team. We must demand that Congress act immediately to codify protections for them and their families into law. This is a moral imperative.

You can take action by calling your Senators and Representatives and asking them to speak out in support of DACA and to work to pass comprehensive immigration reform that protects DACA recipients and their families. We stand with our colleagues with DACA and with all DACA recipients and will continue to support them and fight with them, led by those directly impacted.