2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

Laura Brookham, PsyD, Red Mountain Psychological Services

Dr. Laura Brookham has been dedicating her time to the Florence Project on a pro bono basis since 2009. She first became involved through HealthRight International,  a human rights organization which had funding for a program to train psychologists and physicians to do pro bono evaluations of asylum seekers.

For nearly 10 years, Dr. Brookham has been a staunch ally for our attorneys and clients, and her long term support is due to the clients she has served. She is constantly impacted by her clients’ resilience. “There is something special about meeting people from all over the world, and feeling like you can make a difference in their lives,” Dr. Brookham says.

For Dr. Brookham, working with Florence Project attorneys and clients is always a positive experience. “Every attorney I’ve worked with has been extremely professional, and I can tell that it really is a team, that everyone helps each other out.”

Dr. Brookham’s involvement with the Florence Project has forced her to develop and utilize different skills that she doesn’t use in her day to day work. “When you are working with clients who don’t speak the same language as you and are from a different culture, you can’t use formal tests, so you have to rely on your other skills.”

“Working with Florence Project clients has made an indelible impact on me. The people I’ve met through this pro bono work have survived some of the worst traumas imaginable and their levels of physical and psychological resilience is incredible. Every time I leave a pro bono evaluation, I feel that I am better than when I walked in.”