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Kimberly Vazquez, MSW

Kimberly Vazquez, MSW


Kimberly was born and raised in the Chicago suburbs. She has rejoined the Florence Project after interning with the social services team during her Master’s year in the summer of 2019. She graduated from Loyola University Chicago, where she completed both her BSW and MSW with a concentration on children and families and a sup-specialization in work with immigrant communities. In her various positions at Latino serving nonprofits, she has worked with children and adolescents in case management and mentorship roles. Coming from a mixed status family, her immigrant parents instilled in her the belief to use her privilege to serve others, which she intends to do in this new position. While she is still getting used to the heat, she will not miss slipping on ice in front of other people. On the days Kimberly is not working, she can be found hiking, trying new recipes but not following what’s exactly written, and trying to build community in her new home. She lives by the motto to always be useful.

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