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Lex Salas

Lex Salas


Lex is a proud first generation Chicanx who was born and raised in Tucson. Their parents raised them to be proud of their Mexican heritage and they frequently visited family in Mexico. Growing up in Tucson and visiting Mexico so often opened their eyes to the immigration issues their family and others like them faced at a young age and knew they needed to fight injustices somehow. Lex graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s in Public Management and Policy, a degree that allowed them to see how they could organize disadvantaged communities around public policy. While obtaining their degree at the University of Arizona, Lex dedicated all four years to working for Pride Alliance, a student run organization which generates programming for the LBGTQ+ community on the UA campus and the broader Tucson area. They strongly believe in the Florence Project’s vision and are passionate about incorporating an intersectional framework into their organizing and believes true liberation cannot be achieved without solidarity between all identities. Lex joined the Florence Project in June 2019 and is excited to bring their knowledge and experience to the organization! Lex became a Legal Assistant with the Tucson Children’s Team in June 2020.

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