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Kim Penunuri

Kim Penunuri


Kim Penunuri has over 20 years of experience in the multiple faucets of customer service. She has obtained this experience in several diverse professional careers. Each position has brought its own distinct benefit, which has shaped Kim into the person she is today. She thrives in a professional atmosphere where her contributions and attributes help the greater good and make a positive difference in the lives she encounters. In her spare time, Kim enjoys working on her small business of custom designs called “Xylie’s”, which includes a nonprofit outreach with the message of “Be a Buddy Not a Bully”. Spreading this message is important to Kim and her family, especially her youngest son, who thought of the idea when a friend of his was bullied at school. For fun, Kim has recently dabbled in the art of Acrylic canvas painting and enjoys this as a stress reliever.

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