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Lizmarie Mena-Feliciano, Esq.

Lizmarie Mena-Feliciano, Esq.


Lizmarie has been with the Florence Project since October 2019. She worked as an Early Childhood educator for a year in Tucson, AZ. Prior to that, she spent 2 years in Puerto Rico as a private attorney, mostly working with Family Law. She obtained her bachelor degree in Political Science from the University of Puerto Rico of Mayagüez with a minor in Education. During her university years Lizmarie was involved as a volunteer with the CUA, a program run by the University of Puerto Rico, that focuses on helping minors that were at risk of deserting school. Lizmarie graduated with honors in 2014 from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico School of Law. In her free time Lizmarie enjoys going hiking and camping with her family. Lizmarie’s motivation to be part of the Florence Project is her passion for human rights and social equality.

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