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Ana Adlerstein

Ana Adlerstein


Ana Adlerstein grew up in Maine where she attended Portland High School with students who spoke over fifty-five languages; she has been engaged in human rights work ever since. Ana has organized with directly impacted communities from coast to coast, and in refugee camps in Greece and South Sudan. Her belief in the power of bearing witness led her to a career in storytelling, publishing in outlets like NPR and the Guardian, consulting with organizations like WBUR and CNN, and giving podcasting workshops with institutions like the Salt Institute of Documentary Studies and the Mexican government’s Foro Interacional sobre Medios Indigínas y Comunitarios. She first came to Arizona in 2018 through a Masters in Humanitarian Action from the Universidad de Deusto. She is excited to continue learning and supporting the struggle for immigrant and refugee rights now as a legal assistant with the Florence Project.

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