Visitation & Hospitality Project Continues to Grow

Over the last year, the Florence Project has been working with volunteers with the Restoration Project in Tucson to provide visitation, letter writing, and emergency hospitality to some of our most vulnerable clients.  More and more community members in Arizona are getting involved, forming a much needed network of community support for immigrant detainees and raising awareness about immigration detention issues. The long/er term goal of the Restoration Project is to raise funds to open a home in Florence to provide emergency hospitality when clients are released with no immediate place to go and a base for volunteers who travel distances to visit Florence and Eloy. You can learn more about how to get involved (the next volunteer training is March 26th in Tucson!) and how to make a donation to support this project here.

More information about the Restoration Project – Florence will be in our upcoming spring newsletter.  You can sign up to receive our newsletter online here.