Summer update and a request

This year, the Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project celebrates 25 years of providing free legal services to immigrant children, women, and men detained in Arizona.

As a supporter of the Florence Project, you know that everyone deserves the right to an attorney, the right to justice, and the right to humane treatment. This is what the Florence Project does, and your support shows that you care about this work, too. Can we count on you again with a donation today?

Today I’d like to share with you a few of our recent success stories. Your help allows us to change the life of a woman seeking asylum, like “Diana:”

“Diana” is a survivor of female genital mutilation (FGM), a recognized ground for asylum. At first, Diana thought she would have to represent herself, since there is no right to government-appointed attorneys in immigration court. Thankfully, Florence Project staff attorneys were able to represent Diana. Without the help of the Florence Project, Diana would not have been able to access the evidence she needed to prove her case.  The Florence Project arranged for a volunteer medical examination, as evidence of the harm she suffered. Diana was able win her case and receive asylum, never having to fear for her safety again.

The need for legal services in immigration detention has only grown in the past 25 years. Arizona now detains an average of 1,000 children and 3,000 adults in immigration custody on any given day. This is a critical time, and clients such as “Elisa,” need your support:

“Elisa” fled her indigenous Mayan community in Guatemala, seeking safety in the U.S. Elisa had been forced to work as a live-in housekeeper, even though she was just a child. After fleeing to the U.S., she was detained in Arizona. Here, Elisa faced deportation with no help in immigration court, even at the young age of 16. Growing up speaking her community’s indigenous language, she did not speak English or Spanish, and had little schooling. The Florence Project took on Elisa’s case and won her legal status, to protect her from the abuse she faced back home.

Can you please help other children like Elisa with a donation today?

A donation from you during the summer season will help countless children, women, and men get the justice and protection they deserve. Justice and protection we ALL deserve.

Thank you for caring. Thank you for remembering Diana, Elisa, and all of the people we serve. Your support makes our work possible. Thank you for making a generous gift today.