Standing Strong in the Wake of Executive Orders Calling For Increased Detention and Deportation

Last week the new administration unleashed multiple executive orders, many of which, if carried out, will have a severe impact on our work assisting detained immigrants in Arizona.

We are deeply concerned about planned increases to detention, prolonged detention of immigrants including asylum seekers, and a threatened increase to expedited removal, a form of fast track deportations without an opportunity to see a judge. We are also concerned about possible increases to internal enforcement, which will increase fear in our communities. We support alternatives to detention, and we will be ready to respond to changes in our world as they arise.

The Florence Project has been serving children, women, and men in immigration detention in Arizona for over 25 years. We have seen many changes and unfortunately, expansions, to immigration detention over the years. We continue to pioneer innovative solutions in order to best serve our clients and advocate that every person is treated with dignity and respect and understands their options under immigration law.

We are here, and the work continues.

Thank you for thinking of us and our clients during these challenging times for immigrants and refugees. Thank you for standing alongside us; we could not do our work without you.