Legal Assistant

Antonio joined the Florence Project in April 2019 as a Legal Assistant on the DART team. Prior to that he worked at the University of Arizona as an Academic Advisor. He was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law and a master’s degree in Higher Education, both from the University of Arizona. He has a strong connection to the Sonoran desert as his family immigrated from Sonora, Mexico when his mom was 3 years old. Antonio’s experience includes volunteering with Tucson-based non-profit Mariposas Sin Fronteras for a number of years and serving on the Board of Directors. He is passionate about the intersection of queer and migrant identities and envisions a future free of borders where true liberation happens. In his free time he enjoys listening to new music, attending concerts, spending time with family, and traveling to new cities with no set plan and finding new adventures each day.