Legal Assistant

Maricruz joined the Florence Project in February 2021. She graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago with a BA in Sociology and a minor in Law and Society. While her grassroots organizing volunteer work dates back to 2008, for the last 3 years she worked as a DOJ Accredited Representative at a Chicago nonprofit called Latinos Progresando, providing legal services to undocumented families. As a new Arizonan, she moved from the Windy City to pursue a legal career and warm sunny weather all year round, of course, and as a proud Guanajuatense, she was raised by her resilient mother in the outskirts of Chicago with her three lovely sisters. An immigrant herself, Maricruz learned the difficulties of navigating the complexity of the immigration system, and she has made it her passion to support those who are in need of an immigration relief. She’s beyond thrilled to continue her commitment to advocating for immigrant communities with the Florence Project. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking nutritious wholefoods, strength training, yoga practice and mixing up refreshing cocktails.