Border Action Team Legal Assistant

Originally from Chapel Hill, NC, Leah Bishop graduated from Hendrix College in Arkansas with a B.A. in Political Economy. As an undergraduate, Leah explored the intersection of faith and justice through a legal internship with Arkansas Justice for Our Neighbors, field work in Hungary and Latin America, and economic research as a Julia Mobley International Research Fellow. Since moving to Tucson, Leah has worked as a community educator and mechanic at B.I.C.A.S., a research aide for the Bureau of Applied Research in Anthropology at the University of Arizona, and a promotora for the Sonora Environmental Research Institute. In her spare time, Leah enjoys making music, writing fiction, hosting potlucks, and doing absolutely anything outdoors. Leah joined the Florence Project as the Community Engagement Coordinator in September 2018 and became the Kino Border Initiative Legal Assistant in September 2019.