Stand in solidarity with immigrants.

The Florence Project provides free legal services, social
services, and advocacy to immigrants facing detention
and potential deportation. Your tax-deductible
donation makes this work possible.

On any given day


immigrant adults and children
are detained in Arizona.

What We Do

Without the right to a public defender, both adults and children in immigration detention appear in court alone without an attorney. They may be deported back to the unsafe situations they have fled. The Florence Project offers them a lifeline through free legal and social services and advocacy.

Legal Services

Our team of attorneys and legal assistants provide legal education and representation to adults and children in immigration detention.

Social Services

Our team of social workers facilitate our trauma-informed provision of legal services and provide critical support to address our clients’ needs beyond their legal cases.


Our advocacy team advances the rights of adults and children in immigration detention and advances systemic change.

The People We Serve


Animation by Paola Roman for the Florence Project   “Stick out your tongue if you can understand,” a...
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“I felt true happiness. I suddenly felt calm. It was a moment full of hope and I said...
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In 2019, Alam fled his home in Bangladesh because his family faced persecution due to their political beliefs....
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Zabi is a young man who fled Afghanistan in 2021, fearing for his safety because his family worked with...
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Maria & Ivan

"When I received this photo of my clients Ivan and Maria holding their granddaughter, I almost cried." says...
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Eduardo & Antonio

Eduardo* and Antonio* met while working on a Cuban development mission to Venezuela. Eduardo was a dental hygienist;...
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Alexey had to flee Russia after protesting Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Alexey grew up east of Kyiv and...
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Mariana first came to Arizona as a foreign exchange student from Brazil. She returned to the U.S. after...
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Joaquin* arrived with his father to the U.S.-Mexico border at the height of the 2018 family separation crisis....
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  This Mother’s Day is different for ourclient Camila*. She can’t be with her mom, which makes her...
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Illustration by Echo Rigg for the Florence Project Gerardo* came to the U.S. seeking safety after cartel violence...
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We always celebrate the resiliency and advocacy of our LGBTQ clients. Many have fought bravely for gay, bisexual,...
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Gonzalez Family

We met the Gonzalez family at the Kino Border Initiative migrant aid center in Nogales, Sonora. They came...
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Afshin sits by a lake in North Carolina. He is happy here. But it took a long journey...
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In 2020, a young man named Ahmed* fled Yemen after the country’s civil war engulfed his community. He...
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Six years after migrating from Guatemala to start a new life in the United States, our client Carolina*...
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Ever since he turned 18, Ramon* has lived on his own and worked a full-time job at an...
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In spring 2021, we received a call from a family in Westchester, New York. The caller was named...
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Mauricio is a U.S. Army veteran who was deported to Mexico eleven years ago despite having grown up...
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Growing up, Rodrigo’s* mother called him “chiclet,” like the Mexican chewing gum, because he stuck to his father...
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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide free legal and social services to detained adults and unaccompanied children facing immigration removal proceedings in Arizona.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that all immigrants facing removal have access to counsel, understand their rights, and be treated fairly and humanely.

The Florence Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing inequity in the immigration system both locally and nationally through direct services and strategic partnerships, advocacy, and outreach efforts.

For Pro Bono Attorneys

These resources are designed to assist pro bono attorneys when representing people who are detained in immigration proceedings.

For Criminal Defense Attorneys

New! Updated Quick Reference Chart for Determining Immigration Consequences of Selected Arizona Offenses.

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News & Reports

Florence Project Condemns Arizona Bills that Criminalize Immigrants

News and Events
Florence Project Condemns Arizona Bills that Criminalize Immigrants These bills would classify crossing the border as a state crime and restrict immigrants from accessing benefits, harkening back to SB1070.  The...
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Florence Project Denounces the Senate Supplemental Funding Bill, Urges Congress to Reject It

News and Events
The Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project condemns in the strongest possible terms the Senate Supplemental Funding Bill announced on Sunday, February 4, 2024 by a bipartisan group of Senators,...
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Florence Project Unequivocally Condemns President Biden’s Remarks Supporting a New Expulsion Policy

News and Events
Late last week, President Joe Biden issued a statement expressing his support for draconian policies to “secure the border,” including a new expulsion policy that would allow the complete shut-down...
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