These self-help materials are designed for detainees to use in representing themselves when applying for some common forms of legal relief from removal. Please note they are written for detainees in Arizona and most were last updated in 2013, with support from the American College of Trial Lawyers Emil Gumpert Award.

These publications are meant to provide useful basic information about immigration law and detention in removal in Arizona and were created in the course of the Florence Project’s work. Under no circumstances do they constitute legal advice.



Some of our materials should be read in conjunction with other relevant or related guides.  When appropriate, the following guides should be distributed together to pro se respondents:

1. “Pleadings & Establishing Eligibility for Relief” – this guide should be distributed to clients with problematic charges of removability or criminal convictions that present a challenge to seeking Adjustment of Status, 10 year Cancellation of Removal, LPR Cancellation of Removal, VAWA, or Termination of Proceedings.

2. “BIA Appeals” and “Ninth Circuit Appeals” –  these guides should be provided to clients who intend to appeal an adverse IJ Decision in the removal proceeding.

3. “BIA Appeals” and “Writs of Habeas Corpus” – these guides should be provided to clients who intend to appeal a negative decision on bond.

General Resources | Recursos Generales


Advocating for your Rights in Immigration Proceedings: English, Appendix | La Defensa de sus Derechos en el Proceso de Inmigración: Español

Guide for Immigrants in Criminal Custody: English | Español

Medical Care in Immigration Custody: English | La Atención Médica Bajo la Custodia de Inmigración: Español

Integrating Social Services (a publication prepared in 2002 on how to integrate legal and social services to immigrants in ICE custody): English

How to Protect Your Parental Rights from Detention: English | Como Proteger sus Derechos como Padre o Madre de Detención: Español

(Please note that this guide is written for parents who are already detained in Arizona. For more information on how to make an emergency plan to protect parental rights before being arrested by immigration, please go see our guide herePor favor nota que esta guía es para los padres que ya están detenidos en Arizona. Por más información sobre cómo hacer un plan de emergencia para proteger los derechos patronales antes de estar arrestado por inmigración, por favor se refiere a nuestra guía aquí)

Resources for Asylees Released from Detention: Documents You Need to Work in the United States | Social Security Cards

Voluntary Departure: English | Salida Voluntaria: Español

Release from Detention | Salida de Detencion

90 Day Custody Review: English | El Proceso de Revisión de Custodia a los 90 Días: Español

Bonds: English | Fianzas: Español

Habeas Corpus: English | Español

How to Request Humanitarian Parole: EnglishEspañol

How to Apply to the Department of Homeland Security for Release from Immigration Custody: EnglishEspañol

Prolonged Detention Bonds: English | Fianzas despues de Detención Prolongada: Español
(for bonds based on Casas Castrillon v. DHS, Rodriguez v. Robbins, Diouf v. Napolitano)

Fighting your Deportation in front of an Immigration Judge | Peleando su Deportación en frente de un Juez de Inmigración

10 Year Cancellation: English | Cancelación de 10 Años: Español

Adjustment of Status: English | Ajuste de Estatus: Español

  • Next Steps After Winning Adjustment of Status: English | Proximos Pasos despues de Ganar Ajuste de Estatus: Español

Asylum, Withholding of Removal, and the Convention Against Torture (Seeking Protection in the United States): English | Asilo, Retención de Expulsion, y la Convención Contra la Tortura (Buscando Protección en los Estados Unidos): Español

  • Expedited Removal – The Credible Fear and Reasonable Fear Process: English | Explusion Rapida – El Proceso de Miedo Creíble y Miedo Rasonable: Español
  • Instructions for People Who Win Asylum and Are Released From Custody: English

Cancellation of Removal for Legal Permanent Residents (green card holders): English | Cancelación de Expulsion para Residentes Permanentes (personas con mica): Español

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA): English, Appendix | Guía para la Acción Diferida para los Llegados en la Infancia (DACA): Español

Motions to Reopen: English | Mociones para Reabrir un Orden de Deportación: Español

Padilla v. Kentucky Guide: English | Guía Sobre el Caso Padilla v. Kentucky: Español

Pleadings & Establishing Eligibility for Relief: English | Guía para Negar los Cargos de Deportación y Establecer que es Elegible para Pelear un Caso: Español

Prosecutorial Discretion Guide: English | Guía sobre la Discreción Procesal de la Fiscalía: Español

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Haitians: EnglishKreyole

U Visas: English | La Visa U: Español

US Citizenship: English | La Ciudadania Estadounidense: Español

  • U.S.C. Attachments for English and Spanish Booklets
  • U.S.C. Acquired Citizenship Chart: English
  • U.S.C. Derivative Citizenship Chart: English

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA): English | La Cancelación de Deportación por la Ley sobre la Violencia contra la Mujer (VAWA): Español

Appealing Your Case | Apelando su Caso

BIA Appeals: English | Apelaciones en frente del BIA: Español

Ninth Circuit Appeals: English | Apelaciones en frente del Corte de Apelaciones del Noveno Circuito: Español