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Publicaciones e historias futuras se publicarán en inglés y en español, pero las publicaciones pasadas no han sido traducidas.


One night last year, three masked men arrived at Jorge’s home in Venezuela, seized him, and threw him in a make-shift cell with six other political prisoners.  The cell had no electricity, no running water, and no facilities. Jorge was starved, beaten, and psychologically abused. Five days into his detention, [...]


Before 2018, Wilfredo was never interested in politics. He sold produce in León, Nicaragua, and on evenings his home was a gathering place for neighbors to relax, joke and gossip. But when the government announced plans to cut pensions and increase taxes, thousands of Nicaraguans organized marches to oppose the [...]


While people around the world ushered in the New Year with fireworks and champagne toasts, Carlos spent December 31, his 18th birthday, in a cell in a remote detention center in Arizona.   Carlos came to the United States seeking safety after being trafficked and suffering tremendous trauma in [...]


Florence Project attorney Alex Miller never cries in front of a judge, so she and her client Anahi stepped out of court recently as tears of joy welled in their eyes. Anahi is a transgender woman who’s active in LGBTQ rights and environmental justice. Back in Honduras, she was persecuted [...]


In January, Victor and his wife Paola sought asylum in the U.S. to escape death threats in Brazil. After passing credible fear tests at the border, the couple was forcibly separated by immigration authorities. Victor was sent to immigration detention in Arizona. Paola, who was seven months pregnant, was released [...]


Alan began drawing while detained. When he arrived in the United States at age 17, Alan was suffering from severe depression. To make matters worse, Alan didn't have anyone in the U.S. to take custody of him, so he moved between shelters for unaccompanied immigrant children. Drawing became his outlet. [...]

Beto and Josue

When Beto and Josue fled Latin America to seek safety in the U.S., they imagined a life free of persecution for their sexual orientation. They imagined being able to live together and start a family. They imagined a big, joyful wedding. Instead, they found themselves incarcerated in a detention facility [...]


One day, when Betsaida was in detention, the other women crowned her queen. “They put a sash on me and a paper crown. Because I was always laughing,” she said. “In spite of all I had suffered, I was always laughing.” Indeed, Betsaida is a legend around the Florence Project [...]


In a coffee shop just north of the U.S.-Mexico border, Nadia, a new Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR), a recent high school graduate, and an aspiring midwife, shares her own birth story. “My mom was here [in the United States] when her water broke, and she literally crossed the border back [...]


When Sergio was in immigration detention, he feared he would never see his wife and daughter again. Sergio had a childhood rife with traumatic experiences in Central America. As a baby, Sergio’s mother abandoned him and his father committed suicide. Throughout his childhood, he endured constant physical abuse at the [...]

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