This is a life or death situation

70 people in La Palma Detention Center sent us a letter, blowing the whistle on the conditions they are facing inside the facility. “This place is a concentration camp, where we can only wait for the worst,” reads one sentence of the letter. “We’re begging you for help because this is a life or death situation,” reads another.

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food in detention - a slice of lunch meat, a piece of bread, peanut butter crackers in a package and a packet of honey grahams.

People detained in La Palma also say they have been forced to clean the COVID-infected facility, eat rotten food, and do not have the ability to practice social distancing or access to proper PPE.

One of our clients even sent us their meals from a single day. It was the same meal. Food that they were forced to eat three times a day for several weeks.

NBC, NPR, and MSNBC news pieces shed light on the dire circumstances people are facing.

The Florence Project continues to work tirelessly to submit humanitarian parole requests advocating for the release of those detained in immigration detention. We have filed at least 100 requests for humanitarian parole. However, each of these humanitarian parole requests takes an immense amount of work, and this slow trickle of releases is not enough. We have also:

  • Secured the release of at least 50 people through our legal advocacy.
  • Created a hotline to field calls for individuals trapped in ICE facilities to assist those who have continuing legal cases.
  • Sued to release individuals who are highly vulnerable in conjunction with Perkins Coie, the ACLU, and the ACLU of Arizona.
  • Sued a second time to ask the court rule that ICE has not improved conditions and release our clients.


Check out our full advocacy toolkit. It contains images and tweets you can share.

Raise Awareness.
Share reports on the crisis from NBC News, NPR, and MSNBC. Post our #ReleaseThemAll graphics. Demand ICE be held accountable!

Alert Elected Officials.
Demand oversight investigations and hearings from congresspeople in the U.S. House & Senate. You can use the Resistbot tool to contact lawmakers via text message. (Arizona reps’ websites, office numbers and mailing addresses available here).

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Support our work.
The Florence Project and our partners are suing regarding the conditions in detention centers and demanding the release of vulnerable migrants. We’re also filing humanitarian parole requests for anyone considered high-risk for complications from COVID-19. Thank you!