September 16, 2015


Make your gift and support tens of thousands of immigrants!

The past several weeks have been exceptionally stressful for our staff, who haven’t had answers for their clients in detention as their futures hang in the balance. With the welcome news that the Department of Justice (DOJ) will not pause funding, much sadly remains the same and our work remains critically important:

  • There is still no public defender system in immigration court.
  • Over 90% of detained immigrants in Arizona will go in front of a judge without legal representation. The vast majority will lose their case and be deported. To some, this is a death sentence.
  • Only eight Florence Project LOP staffers serve the approximately 3,000 men and women held in immigration detention in Arizona on any given day.

For the vast majority of immigrants detained in Arizona, the Florence Project is the only resource for lifesaving legal information. When your life is at stake and you can’t afford an attorney, every piece of information and support is critical. Although we are relieved by the DOJ’s decision, the fight continues.

Make a gift today to sustain this critical program long into the future. The well of need is bottomless, and we still need your support. Stand with us and promise our clients you’ll be there, no matter what.

You may send a check made payable to “The Florence Project” to The Florence Project, P.O. Box 654, Florence, AZ 85132. You will receive a written acknowledgment of your gift with tax deductible information and our bi-annual newsletter.

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