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With the election season over and the winter holiday season in full swing, we are proud to say that 2012 has been a year of change and growth for the Florence Project. We are now reaching out to you to assist us in meeting our end-of-year fundraising goal of $15,000. Our challenge is to raise $3000 from online contributors like you!

Among other things, this year we began serving another 100 bed children’s shelter in Phoenix, started a new asylum workshop in Florence, added a legal fellow position to work with victims of crimes and domestic violence, received the prestigious Emil Gumpert Award from the American College of Trial Lawyers, responded to a new form of relief for DREAM Act eligible youth, and are currently finish the final updates to our critical pro-se materials, made available for free on our website and in detention centers around the country.

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By donating to the Florence Project, you can:

Rest assured that your contribution is being put to good use

We run a “tight ship”: over 94% of our funding directly supports existing program services. We have a staff of 18 serving nearly 10,000 people on a budget of under a million dollars. The hard work and commitment of our staff make this possible and we never forget what the heart of the Florence Project is: our clients.

Be a part of responding to possible immigration reforms

If reform passes, we are poised to work with our national partners to provide input on policy changes and to amplify the voices of our clients. Our staff will be the first to help thousands of detained individuals navigate new laws and possibilities for relief from deportation.

Be a part of something bigger

Your gift not only supports our vital programs, it also supports the creative spirit that makes the Florence Project so impactful and unique. The nearly 10,000 detained women, men, and children that we assist each will be thankful as well.  Over 86% of immigrant detainees go unrepresented due to poverty. Your contribution ensures that justice belongs to all, not only those who can afford it.

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Thank you for giving generously this holiday season and for helping us meet our $3000 goal from the online community.


The Florence Immigrant and Refugee Rights Project Staff