After several days of counting votes, major media outlets have just announced that the American people have elected Joe Biden as the next president of the United States. We offer our congratulations to President-elect Biden and to Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. We will advocate and hope that a Biden Administration opens the door to a new era of immigration policies, rooted in human dignity, justice, fairness, and equality for all people. We commend President-elect Biden for his pledges to end the Migrant Protection Protocols, protect DREAMers, and support for a pathway to citizenship for all undocumented people in the United States.

For the last four years, people across our country, including you, have consistently rejected hateful, anti-immigrant rhetoric by standing alongside our clients and immigrants across the country. In this election, as every single vote is counted, your voices are being heard.

Yet even as we look to the future with hope, unfortunately nothing changes for our clients today. The legal and social needs of people in immigration detention continue, and people in immigration detention still need your help. While we are hopeful for the future, the results of this election do not mean immediate change for the tens of thousands of people in immigration detention across the country or the tens of thousands of asylum seekers trapped in Mexico. We are also working hard to address the many destructive changes to law and policy that have deeply affected asylum seekers, children, and all immigrants during this administration. It will take time and much advocacy to make change, and the Florence Project is dedicated to this fight.

Your support is as critical now as ever before, so that we can both continue to serve every single one of our clients and demand better immigration policy. Through six presidential administrations, the Florence Project’s work has continued, and we will be here as long as there are people who need our help.

And, while the road ahead may be long, this is an exciting moment. We are eager to shift our focus to holding our new government accountable to the promises they have made: not only to roll back the current administration’s attacks on immigrants but also to dismantle the grave injustices in an immigration system built on racism, oppression, and violence. A new administration brings the opportunity to advocate for better immigration policy and a more humane system than we have ever had before. Your support and advocacy are critical to building a brighter future.  

Thank you for joining us in creating a better world.